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Backyard wedding


Why POP UP Weddings?

Pop up beach wedding

The idea for POP UP WEDDINGS is for couples who want minimal fuss, need a cost

effective wedding and wish for something unique and special. By partnering with Pony and Wolf POP-UP Picnics they are helping me make this come true, for YOU! 

I will be partnering with a local Brewery in the near future too.

I offer a very personalised service to ensure your wedding ceremony is exactly the way you have dreamt it to be.  I will take the stress out of this part of your special day. Join me on this authentic experience, I'm looking forward to connecting with you, 

Leonie x

Join me in this unique experience of
Pop Up Weddings! 

Details to consider:​

There is a limit of 25 people at the Ceremony.

Location - TBC 

Celebrant: Myself - Leonie Sharp

& the Ceremony cost is set!  

POP-UP Picnic costs are separate.

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